In-Person* 1:1 Class (90 min)

Dive deeper into your yoga practice with my 90 min class where I’ll take you to an immersive yoga journey. We will dive into the philosophy, anatomy and sanskrit surrounding asana practice; gain insight on and practice meditation; experience ayurveda principles in action; explore mantra chanting to reach deeper meditative states through Yoga Nidra – all for a holistic understanding of yogic wisdom.

Enjoy the journey of self-discovery as you take your yoga practice to the next level!

Private classes offer a unique experience with customized plans tailored specifically to your individual needs.

You can work closely with ZeroOne Yoga instructor to define and reach attainable yoga goals and unearth potential you may not have seen prior.

With intentional poses that are aligned with your success and capacity, you can break through any plateaus leaving no stone unturned.

Through this type of personalized instruction, private classes provide an opportunity for significant growth in your health and well-being.

With some patience, effort, motivation and support from private classes, achieving success is totally within reach!”